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TAK Credit Management (TAK-Outsourcing Ltd)

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Tax & Accounting

What if you could speed up payment of your invoices by 30% or more?

Maybe we could do this for you? For our customers we have achieved stunning results by implementing and running our proven Credit Control Service which we operate in a consistent fashion. The Key features of the service are: Pre-emptive calls that change the dynamic of the chase activity, build relationships and reduce invoice queries. On going chasing to a set time table, with clear and consistent escalation to help drive a sustainable improvement in customer payment behaviour. Defined query resolution process to quickly clear barriers to payment and, if all else fails, a seamless escalation to our Debt Recovery service. Our Credit Control Service can be used as a total outsourced solution, to compliment an internal team or to cover periods of extended absence such as long term sickness or maternity cover. We have delivered this service very successfully using a number of accounting packages, including Reviso, as a platform. For users of Reviso we offer a 3 month no obligation trial period after which you can cancel the contract without penalty if you are not happy with the service.

Why not take advantage of our FREE Credit Management Review?

We are currently offering a FREE review of credit control process, with a report that is focused upon: Policy & Process, Collection Strategy and Resources including use of technology. The report will contain some high level Insights and Recommendations. You are free to do what you like with the results. Should you feel you want to know more, We are happy to let you know where we believe ours services could help and in what way. 

Data Audit and Ledger Monitoring

How would you know if one of your customers was getting into difficulty? TAK Credit Management are able to set up an automated Data Monitoring service which will check and monitor you entire sales ledger ensuring that you are contracting and supplying goods/services to the correct entity and that you are alerted to changing circumstances with your customers business. This reduces the chance of you being adversely affected by company failure. Alerts can be set daily or weekly, whatever is most appropriate for your business. If an alert comes though, you will be able to access the credit report of the customer at no additional charge. Contact us for pricing.

Debt Recovery Service

Bad debt can have a negative impact upon your mental well-being as well as your profit! it is advisable to Take action to prevent this by taking a disciplined approach to referring aged debt. For example - payments that meet the criteria: Standard Terms +60 days and that are undisputed – Refer to a debt recovery specialist. Once a debt is older than 90 days your chance of recovery starts to reduce dramatically so it is advisable to take steps to recover funds prior to this. You will increase your chance of seeing the money in your account and you will also reduce the risk of recovering nothing due to the customers business failing. TAK Credit Management offer a Debt Recovery Service on a no win no fee basis. We are focused on personal contact with debtors to facilitate speedy payments without recourse to the legal process where ever possible. Get in touch to find out more.