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Alan Day

Alan Day
1 The White House
Borough Hill, Daventry

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Business Accountant & Consultant

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Accounting Services and Support, Systems Consultancy, Implementation & Support

My purpose is to help and support companies in such a way that not only will their accounting function maintain correct records, but it will also deliver results in such a way that will help manage the business. Going forward they will become increasingly self-sufficient as the business develops and I will remain an integral part of the business for as long as I’m considered needed.

Web Based Accounting

I've been accessing and supporting client's accounting systems located on their servers pre-broadband, and at last it is common place and accepted that working remotely is an advantage and cost effective. Therefore, based in Northamptonshire is irrelevant. As examples, I have customers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Ipswich, Essex and Miami. So I'm well placed to offer support to e-conomic users wherever they are. Web based accounting packages are no different to other software we use every day of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and even Microsoft Office are up there for us to access securely whenever we want and wherever we are. And we don't have the overhead that goes with having software on our own equipment. We just need Internet access. There is no doubt the future for all applications will be cloud based. Therefore they will contnue to improve, particularly when the UK catches up with other countries that enjoy broadband at far greater speeds.

Independant and Unbiased

I have been self-employed since 1994 and am not an accounting practice. People buy from people. If personalities do not gell, then there is an unhealthy relationship which is not good for the business. I'm very fortunate in having the same customers for many years, each one uses me in different ways. But that is the point. I have no preconceived ideas of what the requirements might be, no specific allegiances to specific products or services and no guarantees that I'm the right person to help until I've understood the requirements.

Accounting & Taxation

As a business and management accountant, I'm able to help companies maintain and produce regular reporting for management and financial institutions, plus annual accounts in formats ready for audit, thereby reducing the external accountant's fees. VAT records and returns are an integral element of the accounting I support, whereas personal and company taxation is a specialist subject, which I do not provide directly. I leave it to experts in that field.