Book a customer invoice & payment

When you do business with your customers one important thing can’t be ignored. You need to be paid for your services or products rendered. In your agreement you can create an invoice in a jiffy, as an invoice template is already at hand.

Just create your products in the “Sales” tab using the menu option “Products” – or create your products when you’re creating the invoice and you’re ready to book your first invoice within minutes. Click on the “Sales” tab, choose the menu option “Invoices” and you’re almost done. Click on “new invoice” and fill in the required information. When you’ve finished click on the “book and send invoice” button.

When your customer eventually pays the invoice it’s time to book the payment. This you do in the “Accounting” tab where you’ll find a daybook ready for exactly that use – named “customer receipts”. Click on “new entry” and put in the invoice no. in the invoice no. field. Once you’ve entered the invoice no. all the relevant fields will automatically be picked up and filled in for you and you only need to click on the “save” button.

When you have completed the daybook and everything is correct all that’s left for you to do is to book the entries in the daybook. Entering the payment information via the invoice no. also takes care of matching your invoice with the corresponding payment. This way the balance in your customer ledger card  will always be up to date and you’ll have the general overview of what’s paid and what’s owed easily at hand.

In our e-copedia you can read more about creating invoices and customer payments.

Have a ground-breaking weekend.