Close your accounting year and create a new

Having started the new year off, both in real life and with your accounting – before you know it – it’s time for you to close the previous accounting, year in your agreement.

Almost as the last fireworks have been sent to the sky, we’ll automatically let you know it’s time to create a new accouting year – a simple pop-up window will show when you login to your agreement, and guide you through it.

Have no fear – it only takes a couple of clicks on the mouse.

You can also easily create a new accounting year without the pop up guide. Just click on “Settings -> All settings -> Accounting years.


Click on the “create new” button and the system will enter the next period for you automatically. If you click on “Save & New” you can continue to create as many accounting years, as you’ll need.

Although you haven’t closed your accounting year, naturally you can still enter your 2015 posts. The date determines in which accounting year your post is booked – a post dated 10.12.14 will be booked in 2014. A post dated 15.1.2015 will be booked in 2015.

Have a cracking weekend and a Happy New Year.