Subscribe to the quick way of invoicing

Do you have to invoice membership fees, rent or other items at regular intervals? And do you have to send invoices to many customers? It may well prove to be a time-consuming task when you have to run your invoices.

If that’s the case the “Subscription” add-on module is the answer for you. With the add-on module you can save time (and perhaps your sanity) doing your invoicing with just a few clicks with the mouse.

Setting up the module only requires a few things at first, and then you’re ready to run your invoices on a recurring basis – and who knows you may enjoy it!

First you have to create your subscriptions – enter the interval for the subscription and decide on the collection type. Next you add your subscribers  – put in the start and end date for the first subscription, and the system will automatically update the subscription period. You can also enter special prices or a discount.

Last but not least you’ll have to link the products or services to the subscription and once that’s done, you’re ready to invoice all your customers in one go.

When it’s time to do your invoicing again, it will only require a subscription batch run and all invoices are again created in a jiffy.

In our e-copedia you can read more about how you set-up the subscription add-on module and draw on the benefits from the easy workflow.

Have an alluring weekend.