Accountants of tomorrow

Strategic advice instead of paperwork

Digitization does not stop at accounting. Studies have shown that accounting is one of the areas that will benefit most from digitalization.

Document manager

In accounting, a lot depends on receipts. They thus represent the starting point for bookings. The basic principle “No booking without receipt” should be firmly established for everyone.

However, paper is increasingly being replaced by digital document management programs. Companies can sort their receipts better and note them down. This means that in the future accountants will no longer have to cope with the well-known paperwork, but will be able to assign digital documents.


The time savings from automated operations are promising. The less accountants have to type, the less repetitive work has to be done, the more time there is for more important tasks.

Data can be analyzed and accountants can provide business advice and forecasts for the company.

Accountants of tomorrow

In the future, accountants will need to have a broader knowledge of business processes than was necessary 10 years ago.

Statistics about historical data not only have to be created, but must also be able to be converted into forecasts and, above all, communicated in an understandable way to the relevant people in the company.

And last but not least, it will become more and more important for accountants to understand and use the different software offers.