Accounting, anywhere!

Are you always on the move?

Well, why not take e-conomic along for the ride!

Your e-conomic accounts can be accessed quickly and easily, 24/7 – whether you’re on your computer at work, your cell phone in the line at the grocery store, or even on your iPad while sipping a warm cappuccino!

Accessing e-conomic on the iPad is fun and easy!

Some critics have doubted whether the Apple iPad’s performance could be compared to traditional computers, so we have recently tested the e-conomic application on the iPad to find out for ourselves!

We’re excited to say that we found that e-conomic runs very well on an iPad – there is little or no difference from running the application on a PC or Mac computer.

So, look no further than the iPad for fast access to your e-conomic accounts.