Are you thinking about changing your accounting system?

Then stop thinking and act upon it instead!

Changing your accounting system to e-conomic, you can easily get all your data transferred into the system. You can have your opening balances booked in a jiffy and you can have your suppliers and customers created in the system with just a few mouse clicks.

If you use a bespoke chart of accounts, you can import this into your agreement, or you can have one created for you, by using the default company setup. With the default setup you have an added bonus of also having your system accounts and VAT codes created – among other things.

Even though it’s easy to get started you still have to prepare a few things – before you plunge into it.

You’ll need your trial balance from your previous accounting system and you’ll need customer, supplier and product information to be avaiable in CSV files. Once that’s sorted you’re good to go.

In our e-copedia you can view the help videos or read more about how easily you can get onboard.

Have a sensational weekend 🙂