Balance your spending and sales goals

Do you need to follow up on your sales goals? Or are you tired of not knowing how much money you spend on miscellaneous items? The answer lies in your agreement – in the Budget function.

The budget function is free of cost, and a simple tool which gives you an overview of how your numbers add up with the budget.

To use the budget, go to “Accounting” and click on the menu option “Chart of accounts”. Now click on the budget icon next to the account where you wish to enter your budget figures.


Now click on the button “New budget period” and enter your budget information.

If you tick the box “Distribute equally according to months” the system automatically creates the whole year – with your total budget amount distrubuted in each month of the year – provided that you enter this in the “Amount” field.


You can also import the budget information via a CSV file and enter your information in a jiffy.

When it’s time for you to do some follow up, go to Reports and take out a Budget report, or perhaps a Period Total report so you can compare the actual figures to your budget.

Have a spendable weekend.