Common support questions – we’ve got them covered!

Online support is an essential part of any process we do in today’s world and even more so when it relates to our working environment. Whether you are a Freelancer, SME, Accountant or Business Advisor getting answers quickly and concisely so you can move onto the next task is paramount and here at Reviso we like to think we have your questions covered with our Online Help.

Using the search facility you can then see various options relating to your query, guiding your through the process with text and screenshots. Our online help contains a vast amount of information from setting up your Reviso system for the first time, sending out your first invoice, reconciling your bank account and sending out your MTD VAT Return online direct to HMRC.

Common support questions

Below are listed just a few of the common support questions which are all covered within our online help including the link through to the relevant section which you may find useful…

How do I add my logo?

To add your logo so that it appears on your sales invoices you need to go to Master Information within Settings > Master Information, here you can click on the logo icon, locate the picture from your computer and it will then appear, check out our online support article Adding your logo.

How do I create/close my financial year?

To create a new or close an existing financial year you will need to go Settings > Finance > Accounting Years. If you click on New Accounting Year it will prompt you with dates that follow on from your previous years or, if you’re creating one for the first time you can edit the date parameters and save.

How do I import my bank statement?

Importing your bank statement enables you to not only reconcile entries you have already entered but allow you to post direct from your bank statement.

How do I correct a booked entry?

There are several ways you can correct a booked/posted entry, depending on what area you wish to change and what type of entry you need to modify, if it’s a supplier invoice, manual customer invoice or journal entry you can change the text and the account number it’s been charged to by editing the entry  or you can reverse the entry and then process again correctly.

How to create a contra entry between a customer/supplier balance?

If you have minor under/over payments on either your customer or supplier ledgercards or you wish to contra an entry between a supplier and a customer these can easily be handled within your accounts, to do this you can follow are online support article on how to do this.

How do I find an entry I’ve already booked?

If you need to find an entry you can use the search field within Finance > Find entries > here you can search on date, amount and even text. You can also drill down the search criteria to the type of entry.

How do I change my company details?

If your company details change in any way you will need to amend these and this can easily be achieved within Settings > Master Information.

I’ve got items showing as outstanding on my ‘Home tab’ but they have been paid?

If you have sales invoices showing as outstanding on your Home tab but you’ve processed and booked the payment then it’s because the invoice has not been matched with the payment. Go to Sales > Customers > locate the icon Open entries far right and match your entries. The invoices will then clear from the home tab. This option is also available to match supplier invoices with payments.

How do I complete and send my MTD VAT Return direct to HMRC?

Your MTD VAT Return can be completed and filed direct from Reviso to HMRC. Standard, Cash Accounting and Flat Rate Schemes are all fully HMRC compliant within Reviso and can be run and filed leaving a copy of your submission and confirmation with all the relevant data for the return flagged and easily accessible should you need to refer back. A step by step guide can be found within our help section, How to complete and file my VAT Return.


Our online help is designed to assist you whenever you are in the system. If you’re unsure or cannot find what you’re looking for within our online help you can always call our support line on 08456 800 473 and we will be happy to assist you.


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