Control and manage your accounting easily

Control and manage your accounting easily

Keeping accounting up to date and in the correct manner is essential for the management of any company or self-employed person. It is necessary to know your expenses, income, taxes to pay, making sure you invoice the correct amount, among many other things.

With Reviso we make it easy for you. A multitude of features that help you simplify your daily management and not lose any records or information relating to your accounting.

Let’s see some of the functionalities and processes that users value within our accounting and billing in the cloud.

Document management

Reviso has a document manager that helps you register your invoices in a quick and easy way.

Upload your documents to the program by sending them by email to your unique address or upload them directly from your computer.

Create custom folders to organize your documents. For example, invoices from suppliers, creditors contracts, receipts etc.

Mobile apps

The online accounting and billing software Reviso also has mobile applications that will help you stay up to date and manage your business at any time and from anywhere.

Mobile applications available for Android and Apple phones.

The Reviso expense application allows you to take photos of your invoices or expense receipts and send them directly to your company, leaving the documents in the document manager ready to be posted.

The application Reviso Sales allows you to consult all your customers data, send them orders or invoices and access documents already sent.


Collaborative work

The billing and accounting software Reviso is designed to work collaboratively, either with the different people in your company or with your advisor and / or accountant.

It is a multi-user program in which all users can access the application simultaneously and work on the same data, consult or download the same reports and enter the necessary records.

Also, if necessary, user access can be predefined and tailored to suit the user, for example, if you want to create access just to the invoicing section, or a high level access for reports only.


Reviso has different processes that allow you to automate the different registers, thus avoiding mistakes. Among these processes we can find the following:

  • Creation of custom accounting entry templates.
  • Define the expense accounts to use with each supplier / creditor so that they appear automatically when you choose your provider or creditor.
  • Define the VAT codes to use in your sales and expenses records.
  • Recurring periodic invoices.
  • Managing assets with automatic depreciation.
  • Management of automatic accruals/prepayments.
  • Cost control or analytical accounting through the creation of departments.

These are just some of the things you can find in Reviso, our online application for freelancers, SMEs and consultants.

Request one of our free trials and see for yourself the advantages of working with a current, intuitive and cloud-based accounting and billing system.