Create your own company, tips to be autonomous

This new situation that we are facing has made us realize that many jobs can be carried out using our computer and from any corner of the country. Thus, we have been able to realize that this expands the opportunities to become self-employed thanks to the new tools at our disposal and current trends.

We present the options that you have at your fingertips and the different fields in which you can embark on your path as a freelancer. 

Being autonomous is not easy, but it has a series of advantages that can help you decide to take this step.

Flexibility being autonomous

The possibility of working for yourself allows you to manage the schedules and the time to dedicate to your own business. You can set your own pace of work and thus combine it with your private life and other activities.

Autonomy and motivation

Now you become your own boss and it will only depend on you and your own work to bring the work to fruition.

Savings in your company

Working from home is a great saving for your economy by eliminating the transportation or food expenses that working in an office entails. Most of the investment that this business requires will correspond to your workspace and the technology necessary to carry out your projects.

Now that we have seen the advantages that teleworking offers us by being self-employed, in which sectors is there more demand and can we be more successful?


Online commerce has become the big winner during the time of the pandemic. But to succeed through this business, you must have a good website, well-cared product sheets, a payment gateway perfectly adapted to your business, and manage stock and transport. 


Sharing knowledge and experience about your sector or specialty is also a great option to start your own business. In addition, there are multiple platforms that will allow you to create your video courses, prepare presentations and even teach your classes by videoconference.


If you have extensive experience in your sector and a long history, you can share your advice and offer your consulting services to other companies in crisis management or growth strategies.


There are countless businesses that you can carry out over the internet and without leaving home (procedures, therapy or translation), adapting your own knowledge to the new channels that you have available.


If you have a revolutionary idea that you think can work, you just have to study the feasibility of the project and look for investors to help you get it started with a good business plan and digital support that allows you to make it come true.

Here we have shown you a few examples of where you can guide your steps if you want to become a freelancer, but there are endless business possibilities to become your own boss and work from home. And remember, the key is to get the most out of the technology at your fingertips and know how to adapt to new communication channels and strategies.