Direct submission to HMRC for VAT filing in Reviso!

Direct submission to HMRC for VAT filing in Reviso!

Fantastic news!! We are very pleased to announce that you now have the ability to file your HMRC VAT Return direct from within your Reviso agreement !


Simply run your VAT Return in the normal way, entering the date parameters, select the scheme, making sure all transactions have been booked, click on Mark as reported…….

A box will appear confirming your request, at the bottom left you will see the check box Send to HMRC, tick this and click ok….. 

Should you decide not to tick the box your VAT Return will still be marked as reconciled but you can send to HMRC at a later date by going into the Archive section where the option to send to HMRC is listed.

Enter your existing Gateway User ID and Password and click Send …..

Confirmation will then appear on your screen that the submission has been successful, a copy of these details are held within the menu option VAT > Archive > HMRC Archive. Here you will see the submission date, time, the period the VAT Return covers, the status and to the far right click on the box to see the confirmation reference number generated by HMRC, an email will also be generated by HMRC and sent to the email address held by them against the Gateway details.


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