Do we work well under pressure?

In many job postings, one of the key requirements that candidates must meet is the ability to work under pressure.

But what exactly does this term mean and why has it been given so much importance in recent years?

What might once have been described as “adapting to circumstances” has evolved over the years into a much more demanding work requirement and a skill that adds to the long list of requirements required of a job.

Actually, working under pressure shouldn’t be a requirement for almost every job, but it has already established itself as an essential aspect.

It is true that in practically all professions it is a matter of dealing with specific moments of stress. But that should be just that: punctuated moments.

Any work with clients, in offices, hotels, shops, transport, in any field actually, involves an effort that can sometimes interfere with our private life.

When certain moments of stress become permanent moments, the workload each worker is subjected to should be reviewed.

This is a serious and important matter that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Overwork and pressure can lead to physical and mental health problems.

Constantly enduring this overload should not be seen as a job applicant’s strength or as a requirement of the company when hiring, as it is bad work practice and can lead to a bad atmosphere in the team.

Key to dealing with pressure

  • First the important, then the urgent

Although it may seem like a contradiction in terms, in our work we must learn to prioritize the really important tasks first and not those that bosses or clients are pushing us to do.

  • Meetings with the right duration

If possible, manage your time properly by noting the necessary time for a meeting.

  • learn to delegate

Learn to delegate tasks you can’t do on your own or ask for help when you need it.

  • It’s not always up to you

There are incidents or problems at work that are not related to you, your attitude, or your performance.

  • Learn to put situations into perspective

Even if they rush us from the outside or put more pressure on us, we have to be our own thermometer of the situations and know which ones to look out for sooner or later.

  • Your well-being comes first

Your physical and mental well-being is our top priority. At work you have to do your best, but that means putting aside ourselves and our needs or limitations.