Draft invoices or booked invoices?

When you’re in the process of creating an invoice it may well happen that you’re interrupted to do other more urgent things. If that’s your situation from time to time, rest assured that all your hard work is not lost,  as the invoice – you have started on earlier – will still be sitting under current invoices for you to finish off.

Go to “Sales” > click on menu option “invoices” and in here you will now see all the invoices that have yet to be booked. Click on the edit pencil and enter the rest of the information. When you have finished click on book and send invoice.




Once you’ve booked the invoice it can no longer be found in current invoices, but you can easily find it in the archive together with the other invoices, orders or quotations you have already booked. Simply enter your search criteria and the invoice will be shown in the list.

In our e-copedia you can read more about draft invoices, booked invoices and the archive.

Have a spring(y) weekend.