Editing a booked entry within Reviso made easy!

How many times have you created an entry whether it’s a journal, supplier invoice or manual customer invoice and then need to change the account code you’ve charged it to or the text and have had to reverse the original one and then enter again?

How to edit a booked/posted entry in Reviso

Well! now you can edit these, to modify the account code and the text in accounting entries within Reviso you will have to go to the list of entries and find the one you wish to edit.

Select the corresponding tab, either within Finance (for journal  accounting entries), Purchases (purchase invoices) or Sales (manual sales invoices).

To the right of each record you will see the Edit icon:

edit a booked entry

Click on the edit icon and the entry will appear enabling you to make the required changes and then save.

Find out more from within our help section on How to edit a booked entry 


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