Employee expenses made easy

If you’ve got the job of processing employee expenses you may need to break them down and record against several codes, this can be a time consuming exercise especially if on top of the codes that you’re charging the expenses to there are also different VAT codes to be applied. That’s were the Distribution template can be used.

You can create a template listing all of the codes you may need along with different VAT codes and save, then every time you enter any expense claim the template can be selected and all you have to do is enter the amount and the text. You can even save the text! The system will show you when you have entered all the amounts. Any code you don’t need can be deleted from the current screen (it doesn’t delete it from the master template) or change to one you do need:-

dist tab

This template once created will appear in any of your daybooks so you can process your employee expenses as a supplier invoice or a journal. Find out more about processing employee expenses and saving you time for the fun stuff!