Employees – Acquisition and leadership

The motivation of an entrepreneur is not only to run a profitable company, but also to realize an idea and market it optimally for customers. Of course, you should be able to expect the same from the employees and complete identification with the idea and the company. This results in the difficulty of finding the right employee for the right job.

In most cases you try to find people in your own network who roughly meet the requirements. Of course, this can work, but it would be better to look for employees professionally. 

Acquisition and Leadership

First of all it is necessary to work out a precise job description. The activities are to be defined as precisely as possible. Furthermore, the position within the organization chart must be precisely defined, areas of responsibility and tasks also defined. These specifications then also result in the requirements and experience for the future employee.

Then you can either hire an external HR specialist to make the selection or go your own way across various platforms and make a pre-selection. It goes without saying that the applicants must have the required “skills”. The selection according to the qualifications is certainly only the first step, but simply relying on the specified requirements would be negligent. It is helpful to have at least two face-to-face interviews with the potential candidates. Applicants who do not exactly meet professional requirements but have good social skills can then be considered in the first round of introductions.

The social component of a selection process is still underused in many areas of employment. Some companies are much further ahead and, by optimizing the social environment in the company, create a working atmosphere that demonstrably affects productivity. 

It is therefore important to take the necessary time when selecting employees and in any case to pay close attention to the social skills of an applicant in addition to the professional requirements. Because in addition to remuneration, the social environment in the company plays a major role for productivity for employees.