Frequently asked questions about Reviso

Frequently asked questions about Reviso

We share with you the most frequently asked questions that users of Reviso discuss with our support team. If you have any questions that are not included in this list, please, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

We start with the list of frequently asked questions:

How to change your user’s data (name, email or language)?

You can edit the data associated with your user at any time. You can find this option in the Settings icon (cogwheel top right)> All settings> Subscription> Users. Click on the Edit icon to the of the user details, enter your password, here you can modify or update all the necessary information.

How to create a new user?

In Reviso you can create as many users and everyone can use the system simultaneously. With our multi-user billing and accounting program, all people in relation to the management of the company will be able to see the company’s data updated at all times.

To create a new user, go to the Settings icon (cogwheel top right)> All settings> Subscription> Users. You will see, at the top of the list, a blue button called ‘New user‘. Click on this option and enter the details of the new user, email, password in the General screen, then click on Access, ticking the boxes you require, an email will then be sent to the user with their login details.

Do you need to change your Company address so it’s reflected on your sales invoices ?

The information about your company that appears in the invoices issued to your clients from Reviso, is automatically collected from the data entered in the section ‘Company information’. This information can be edited at any time. If, for example, your company has changed its address or name, you will need to go to this option and update the registered data.

To do this go to the Settings icon (cogwheel top right)> All settings> Company> Master information.  You will find here all the data of the company, as well as the bank details. Click Edit to change the information you need and save the changes made to take effect.

Do you want to upload or change the company logo ?

You can upload your logo, or modify it, from several places in Reviso. In the option Company > Master Information defined just in the previous point, you can see the logo that you have loaded at that moment and, from there, you can delete it and upload a new one when you need it.

How to manage your documents in Reviso?

The management of Documents in Reviso works in a easy way to help you simplify your accounting management processes. In the main top menu of Reviso you will find an option called Documents. Here, you can upload all the documents relating to your company, whether they are documents to be archived in Reviso, or documents to attach to your accounting entries.

To upload your files you have several options: send them by email, drag or upload them from your computer or send them from the Reviso mobile app.

All the documents relating to your company will be inside Reviso, being able to access them from any place whenever you need it. Also, to facilitate the accounting review process, all your invoices, bills or receipts will always be available next to the accounting entry record. Simple, right?

Do you have an online store, a POS or CRM that you want to integrate with Reviso?

Reviso, through its API, allows you to integrate the accounting and billing program with other applications that you use in the management of your business. Take a look at the list of integrations on our app webpage that you have at your fingertips. This is not limiting, you can integrate Reviso with almost any other program.

In addition, for any query regarding the integrations, we have a specialized support team that you can contact through the email .