Good communication with customers is vital

customer communication

We are bombarded every day with thousands of sales messages. That’s why we walk around with blinders, so to speak, so as not to be overstimulated. 

As a company, however, it is sometimes difficult to get the correct message to new customers. The most important thing is that you find your market share – who buys your product / service? Only these potential customers need to be addressed. The clearer the message, the greater the chance of reaching the right person. 

Here are a few tips for good communication with your customers:


Do not over promise. One is quickly tempted to make one’s own product or service better than it actually is when talking to a customer. But the only result is that you’ll have a disappointed customer who’s most likely to talk badly about your business. And there is nothing worse than dissatisfied customers …

Honesty should also be available for deadlines and possible delays. Estimate yourself realistically before you specify your customer, for example a delivery date and let them know, as soon as you realize that this date can not be kept.

Encourage your customers to participate as well. Have an open ear for reviews: Maybe you can change something to get even better.

Hedging in the form of a signed offer or even a down payment are commonplace in many industries. They not only secure the company, but inform the customer about the important data of the delivery: date, scope of delivery, costs, etc.

Love letters to your customers 

Various communication experts talk about writing love letters for their customers. By this, these experts mean that one should create personalized, individual and appreciative communication with the customers. Because usual standard phrases scare off many. Also, make sure that you do not just talk about yourself and the company, but involve your customers.

Technical jargon should, depending on the sector more or less, be circumvented with the customers as well, because if your customers do not understand you, they will not trust you. 

Next Help

The customer has received an offer and was satisfied? Then help him to the actual purchase further. Explain to your customer how things can go on and ask if the customer wants to buy the offer. Even in this last step, many things can go wrong … 

Always think about how you want to be treated as a customer and try to provide your customers with the best possible experience with your business.