Good customer service

For a number of years, every company has known that customer service is an essential part of their business model.

It is no longer just a question of producing high-quality products or offering a competent service (e.g. sale, repair or advice), but every product or service must be accompanied by a pre-or after-care so that customers can feel comfortable knowing that should they need to address any issue they can.

What is customer service?

After-sales service is the service before or after the sale of a product or service, where the customer can address his doubts about the service provided or the product purchased and express his complaints if he finds something not to his liking or went according to the agreement.

It is also a suggestion box where customers can advise the company themselves on what to improve. This last point is very important because the customer then becomes an opinion leader himself and can contribute to the improvement of his service or product provider, which also has a positive effect on him. That’s called loyalty.

How do you generate loyalty?

Loyalty means achieving and maintaining the loyalty of our customers. For this, there are several tactics that we can carry out:

– regularly get the opinion of your customers through surveys or forms. Don’t do this too often, lest you overwhelm your customers. You can define repeat customers of your company who you know are willing to give you their honest opinion.

– offer your customers discounts or improvements (within your possibilities) to adapt them to their needs. That way they will be happy with you and not want to switch providers. You will feel well looked after and cared for.

– put yourself in your customers’ shoes by anticipating their needs. For long-term customers, we can know what previous needs their company has and anticipate them to become their ally.

– encourage your customers to rate your store on social networks. It has been proven that the best advertising is word of mouth, where customers themselves praise a company’s good work.

If we manage to satisfy our customers, this leads to success for everyone and creates a climate of trust for the future.