How application integrations can help you in your business

How application integrations can help you in your business

When you manage a company, in order to understand what’s happening in the day to day business and be able to be efficient in the management of it, it’s necessary to have many activities and process under control.

Some areas you must control at all times can be: billing , accounting , customer management, stocks , projects , payments and collections, sales at cash points, online sales, etc.

The current technology allows you to have a multitude of specific tools for each sector with which you can monitor all these aspects. What is not usually so easy to find a single solution that provides all the functionality you need.

For this reason, an aspect to keep in mind when choosing your work tools is to check if these solutions can easily integrate with each other, so that you can work more efficiently simplifying processes and saving time in data records.

When we talk about integration between different applications we refer to a direct connection between the programs . So if, for example, you register a sale in your billing program, that sales record also creates an accounting entry or a decrease in your stock in those other programs where you manage accounting or stock.

How it works in Reviso with integrations

Reviso is an open and easily integrated platform with other systems and applications that allows you to connect Reviso, our software with accounting, billing and taxation, with any other software that also has an integration interface.

This would be like a communication gateway between applications, which communicates certain actions or information carried out in one system to the other, creating or editing the data automatically in the second application.

The integration of applications  give you the ability to save time since you will not have to edit or create the same data in several programs. Doing it in one, it’s reflected immediately and automatically in the other integrated program.

Using Reviso you can integrate any application through our open and accessible API . Our support team will always be ready to help you in whatever you need.

Integration of Reviso with PrestaShop

If you use PrestaShop to manage your online sales and you are looking to simplify your work processes, we recommend you take a look at our integration.

PrestaShop integration with Reviso

The integration between PrestaShop and Reviso already exists , so it will be easy for you to make this connection between applications without too much technical or programming knowledge.

This integration automatically synchronizes your orders, products and invoices between applications. Check it out with one of our free trial versions and contact us for any questions or queries.