How can I improve my customer satisfaction?

In the last article, we presented tools that you can use to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Improving customer satisfaction

But what happens if you get a value that is too low and how can you improve it?

Value quality

Your product or service should meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. You should know exactly what your customers expect from you.

Make it easy for the customer

The buying process should be as simple as possible. If your customers have to search for a long time for what they are looking for or, for example, the payment is problematic, this often results in dissatisfied customers.

Pay attention to speed

In today’s world, everything can be done at the push of a button. Speed ​​is an important factor here. Be it deliveries, answers to customer questions or processing inquiries: if you are faster than your competitors, your customers will be very satisfied.

Be realistic

Don’t promise anything you can’t keep. There is nothing worse than assuring the customer of something that cannot be realized in the end.

Be proactive

Strengthen your customers and your employees. If you are selling an online service, you are welcome to provide help articles and video tutorials to help your customers avoid problems or quickly solve them themselves.

Rely on regular feedback

In order to be able to react quickly to discrepancies, it is important to have your finger on the pulse. Your customers are one of the most important indicators of your company’s health.

Use the feedback actively

Draw your customers’ feedback into the company’s development. Your product or service must reflect what your customers really want. When the time comes, you can give the customer feedback and draw attention to new functions or services: “At the advice of our customers …” or “We have listened to what you want and …”.


Acquiring new customers is expensive, but satisfied customers keep coming back.