How to book a customer payment

After having invoiced your customers you will – hopefully within the payment terms – receive their payments. These payments will have to be registered in your agreement, so you can match the invoices with the customer payments thus balancing the customer account.

To register a customer receipt go to the Accounting tab > choose the daybook  “Customer receipts”. The daybook can be set up, so all you need to put in, is the invoice no. of the paid invoice  – and the system will automatically fill in all the other relevant information. When you’ve finished the entry click on “Save” or “Save and new” to continue entering payments.

Booking your payments this way, the invoice and payment is automatically matched in the system.

If you haven’t set up your daybook to automaticallly fill in the relevant information, you’ll have to put in all the information yourself and when you’re finished click on “save” or Save and new to continue entering payments.

When you have entered all your payments and your daybook is ready to be booked – just click on “Book entries”.

Booking the payments allows you to get a very fast overview of the outstanding amounts in your customer list, so you can see which customers owe you money and how much money you have outstanding at any time.

In our e-copedia you can read more about how to process customer payments.

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