How to change the superuser

When you take out an agreement, your log in information is linked to a “superuser”-access in the agreement. The superuser is allowed to do pretty much everything in the agreement – the superuser can create new users, pay for the agreement by credit card, and change the master information just to mention a few.

As there’s only one superuser linked to an agreement, it’s important you keep the superuser information up to date – at all times.

If the person, with the superuser access within your company, is leaving and you haven’t changed the superuser information, you may find yourself unable to create new users, change the  login information to your agreement or even pay your invoice from us.

You can change the superuser information if you login to the agreement as the superuser. Go to “Settings” – >”All settings”. Click on the menu option “Subscription” and then click on “Users”.




Now click on the edit icon to the right hand side of the screen – next to the superuser. Enter the superuser password and change the User ID and Name to the new superuser. You also have to enter a new Password for the new superuser.



Once you click on the button “OK” the superuser information will be changed and you have avoided future time consuming interruptions in your daily work.

Have an exhilarating weekend.