How to convince your clients to work with your accounting program

In the new model of digital advice in professional offices, there are several challenges that advisors must face in the management of change.

The change itself to the digital world is already an important challenge, as offices must change their work philosophy and introduce new technological applications to modernize the usual processes.

One of the great advantages of digital transformation in the advisory sector is the possibility that is presented to work collaboratively with clients, which makes it possible to save working time and improve communication between the advisor and the client in reference to business management.

Sometimes, consultants find it difficult to convince their clients to use their same accounting and / or billing software. The main reason is usually the fear of making a change in their usual internal arrangements, however, the benefits are much more important and numerous.

5 reasons for your client to work with your accounting software

1. Advantages of working in the cloud

A clear reason to convince your customers is the fact of working in the cloud. Tell them about all the advantages of working with an online program, such as:

  • Security : the data remains hosted on several servers, so that there is always an accessible backup in the event of an accident. These servers are maintained and guarded by specialized companies and the data security is much greater than what a small or medium-sized company can provide in its facilities.
  • Cost savings : the cost of maintaining the data, as well as the cost of the program itself is usually much lower, since in most cases that expense is shared between the advisor and the client.
  • Maintenance and updates : the programs that work in the cloud perform maintenance and updates constantly without affecting the user’s work. They will have all the improvements immediately without the need for additional installations or payments.
  • Access : with a 100% cloud program, access can be made from any device, computer, mobile phone or tablet, provided an Internet connection is available.

2. Information updated and accessible at all times

Another advantage of working collaboratively with the same program as the advisor is the possibility of accessing the updated economic and financial information of the company at all times .

Thus, the client can see when he needs it, and download, if he wishes, a Balance Sheet or a profit and loss report, for example. You will be able to see and analyze your company data to know better how the business is going. In this way, it will be possible to carry out projects or activities that allow implementing improvements or exploiting the most profitable ones.

3. Complete programs with useful functions for the company

The accounting and billing programs that exist in the market are very complete tools and with very useful functions designed for small and medium enterprises and freelancers.

They are usually very intuitive and easy-to-use programs that allow the client to carry out, for example, the entire billing cycle to customers and keep an updated collection control with a very good income forecast.

Likewise, functions of management and control of expenses are usually included to make a good treasury forecast, in addition to having an orderly document management so as not to lose any documents and find everything that is needed quickly.

4. Mobile applications for efficient management

We know that freelancers and entrepreneurs are not always sitting in an office. In fact, usually, they are out doing business, customer visits or meetings with partners.

The most complete accounting programs with collaboration between consultants and clients have mobile applications that allow end customers to access their data or send information and documents through very simple mobile applications.

Thus, for example, it is possible to send a photo of an invoice or a ticket immediately from the application and, automatically, that document will appear in the accounting application for later management, either by the advisor, the accountant or the company in charge in the company.

5. More fluid collaboration and communication with the advisor

As a last advantage of the collaborative work of advisor and client in the same accounting program, we will highlight the fluid communication that occurs between the two.

The client can send to his advisor, through the program or mobile applications, all the documentation of the company immediately when he receives or generates it, and the advisor can have more updated accounting and economic-financial information of the company.

If the advisor has any doubts about any invoice or document, he can ask the client quickly and correct errors more efficiently, or recommend or advise the client more frequently about his operations or activities if necessary.


We hope this information can be useful. Finally, remind you that the training in the use of the new program, either for the advisor or for your client, is usually done by the service provider itself without additional costs, or at least this is how we do it in Reviso.