How to create a customer profile in my company

When we are running a business or company and, more specifically, the sales team or department, it is necessary to know who our customers are.

If we know our potential client well, it will be easier to reach it and make the sales and marketing tools used more effective. To achieve this, it will be necessary to know what our client’s profile is.

Let’s first see what we mean exactly when we talk about the customer profile in the business environment.

What is a customer profile?

This term is also known as ‘ buyer person ‘ or ‘ marketing person ‘. It refers to a group or segment of people who behave in a similar way when making a purchase.

The companies or final clients that are within this group or segment must have a series of characteristics to be considered as my ideal client profile.

Among the most important things to consider, it is essential that the needs of the group are satisfied with my service or product, that is, I must satisfy a real need to be able to create value for the customer.

At the same time, the ideal group or segment of clients must create value for me or my company, usually an economic consideration but, also, speaking well of my company, service or product is a feature that will help me generate more sales and attract more customers.

Now that we are clear about what a customer profile is, let’s see how to create an ideal customer profile for my company.

How to create an ideal customer profile

Creating a profile, or several, of an ideal customer will help us attract more potential customers, more interested, and increase the sales rate in a considerable way.

Let’s see how to create an ideal customer profile in 6 simple steps, quickly and that can be useful for your business.

1. Analyze your customers

To find your ideal client it is necessary to do a search and analysis among your current clients, that is, people who have already bought your product or service and are happy with you.

You can make a distinction between customers according to the volume of purchase and locate those most common customers. You need to find your best customers.

2. Find out more about your best customers

Once you have located your best clients, try to have a chat with them and find out more about their companies. What kind of business are they? Company size? Number of employees? Where do they operate? Sales cycle? …

Surely you can find things in common among your best customers that will help you focus and narrow your search.

3. Get to know the person who makes the decisions better

Within the companies of your best clients, who is the person who decides to buy? male/female? Age? Why did they choose you for their first purchase? Why did they decide to buy again from your company?

The more information you can get from them, the more valuable data you will have to create your ideal customer profile that fits and matches reality.

4. Research the social networks of your best clients

Search the social networks where your customers move. What social networks do you use? What interests do they have? Who do they follow? What do they look for on the Internet?

This information is very important to know the real interests of your customers and then be able to segment and refine your searches.

5. Gather all the information and create your profiles

Once you have thoroughly analyzed all of the above, collect all the information found and start studying it. Find things in common and differences between your clients to understand what makes your clients come to you.

6. Create your ideal customer profiles

Once all the information has been analyzed, you can define in detail the profile or profiles of your ideal clients.

Try to describe your ideal clients as much as possible. Give them a name and even an avatar so that all your colleagues and employees know what type of customer you mean when you talk about them.

Share the profiles created in detail with the marketing and sales team, among others, and outline the latest details. Everyone in the company must know the profile of your ideal client, so the marketing campaigns will be better targeted and much more effective.

We hope this information can be useful and help you increase sales in your company.