How to find a job in September

September is getting closer and closer and for some of us we need to find a new course. However, it is not only the beginning for students, because we can also decide to change our professional life by looking for a new job.

In order to carry out these wishes, we must take advantage of the summer break not only to rest and disconnect but also to improve and prepare our curriculum.

We are going to give you a series of tips that may be useful in this “back to school” job search.

Clear goals in September

Before we get down to work, we need to be clear about what we want to achieve. Only by setting a specific objective will we carry out a more efficient search. What are my career aspirations? In what type of companies do I want to work? Do I want to continue dedicating myself to the same type of work?

Don’t forget the languages

Summer is also a great time to resume and practice another language, signing up for this advanced course or putting into practice what we have learned on trips abroad. In this way, we will arrive in September with an improved level, and at the same time we add value to our professional profile, since we all know that having a second language will open many professional doors for us.

Improve your resume

Updating your resume is very important, keeping your personal image up to date is a major factor. Do not forget to add all your personal data, and that information about your experience and skills that makes the difference to be chosen and get the job you want.

A good resume should express in a simple and clear way that you are the ideal person for the position you are applying for.

Create multiple resumes

You may be interested in various work areas, and therefore, it is best to have different resumes prepared for each of them.

If you add the appropriate information in each of them and adjust accordingly to the maximum to what the company is looking for, you will be increasing your possibilities and showing that you have the necessary skills and knowledge.

A cover letter makes a difference

We all have a resume prepared, but if we want to stand out and focus on our candidacy, a good cover letter is the key.

The human resources managers of the different companies use different filters to choose their candidates and do it quickly and efficiently.

Accompanying our powerful CV with a good cover letter we will be able to give value to our profile, showing freshness and standing out even more from the rest of the candidates.

Be realistic but also optimistic

It is true that it is not the same to look for a job just after finishing your degree than to do it after many years in a specific company. They are different situations in which our aspirations and spirit could have varied greatly.

However, we must not get carried away by pessimism and we must try to maintain a positive attitude with our feet on the ground, which helps us to face the job search from a positive persective.