How to make a partial invoice

Do you wish to ensure, that you haven’t got the entire risk with a big order? Or are you reluctant to stretch your credit limit with the bank any further, in connection with an order?

If these are some of your challenges in the day to day business with your customers, you can limit your risk and your credit, by sending a partial invoice.

With a partial invoice, your customer can make a down payment and you can secure some money in your bank account, so you are able to continue doing business. There’s a few easy steps to making a partial invoice, but rest assured that your time will be well spend.

First you have to create an order for the total amount. Then you can make a partial invoice for the amount, you wish to receive from your customer.

Here you can either use the original product number, or you can create a special product no., named “down payment”. You then fill out the rest of the details and click on the ikon “create partial invoice” and Bob’s your uncle.

You can read more about how you make a partial invoice in our E-copedia – have fun :-).

Have a delightful and scary weekend ;-).