How to manage your accounting in a simple way

How to manage your accounting in a simple way

As entrepreneurs (SMEs or freelancers) we have an obligation in our day to day working environment to manage the accounts of our company in the correct manner, with all that this entails: keeping accounts up-to-date, controlling our sales and expenses, knowing what they are, not to mention VAT, tax etc and, of course, dedicate time to grow our business without losing time or touch on the other aspects of the business.

Therefore, it is necessary to have good management and business organization, which is essential to keep a business alive and in constant evolution.

Here are some suggestions that can inspire you to take control of your company in an easy, efficient way with little effort. Simplify and automate your daily administrative tasks and dedicate time to what really matters, growing your business.

Use cloud management programs

With the current technology that we have, you will be able to find a multitude of ERPs online to take the management of your company, whether accounting, billing, CRM or any other, depending on the type of business you have.

Managing your accounts in the cloud can be a great benefit to you and your company, giving you the following advantages:

  • No initial investments . Normally the programs in the cloud work with modality SaaS (Software As A Service), which means that you pay for what you use, so no IT investment necessary.
  • Cost reduction . Working with tools in the cloud eradicates the necessity for you to worry about things like servers, updates or maintenance. Everything is included in the main service.
  • Improves work efficiency . Access all your data from anywhere to manage or consult any information. Don’t waste unnecessary time in the office, giving you access to your company wherever you are.
Do not forget to register all accounting information

It is important that all transactions relating to your business operation are recorded in your accounting system, missing a cost or a sale transaction could give you false reporting.

Keeping everything in order and up to date allows you to get the most out of your accounting system, keeping it under control and updated at all times.

Some market accounting software has features that allow you to automate processes or simplify actions for greater time savings, such as creating automatic accounting entries from issued invoices, predetermined accounting entry templates, automatic connection to banks for bank reconciliation, etc.


Digitize your documents and store everything in the same place

A good record of all your documents will facilitate your day to day work. With online solutions with data storage it is easier to review and control all the expenses of your company, being able to have the original document always attached to your accounting entry.

Not only the storage of receipts and but also supplier invoices, documents etc. In some cases, you can even create folders where you can store the different documents related to your company and access them at any time.

Streamlines the processes of accounting checks by accessing all your files in an easy and fast way. Save time in paper review processes. Keep all your data in your cloud accounting program effortlessly.

Easy use and implementation

Choose simple, easy to use and intuitive applications. There are some very complete accounting software packages which negate the necessity to have an in-depth accounting knowledge and with which you can start managing your business in a matter of minutes, no installations and no waiting.

In addition, the migration of data from one accounting program to another is becoming easier. The trend is usually the use of Excel files for imports and exports, thus facilitating the user to choose or change their management software according to their needs at any time.

Work collaboratively

Working collaboratively with the people involved in the management of your company will allow you to gain efficiency and time savings. Each person involved in the management of each activity can devote time to the management of these specific operations, all having a global vision of what’s happening in the day to day running of the company.

It uses several users with simultaneous access. It limits the access to specific functionalities so that each collaborator can dedicate himself to his tasks, for example, giving your accountant access to your financial reports.

Why Reviso?

Having said all of the above, I would like to end this article mentioning Reviso, our billing, accounting and taxation program in the cloud, with which it is possible to take the total management of your business or company in a simple way and without the headache.

I invite you to request a free trial version for 14 days so you can see the application for yourself and checkout all the advantages and benefits of working with a software in the cloud, intuitive and collaboratively.