How to process a VAT only supplier invoice

Occasionally you may receive a VAT only supplier invoice. In order for this to be recorded in your system and to be accounted for correctly within your VAT return you will need to process this slightly differently to a normal supplier invoice.

Enter the amount and select a code along with a VAT code, if you’re using a default company setup we would recommend code 5000 and VAT code P-STD. The system then calculates the VAT element based on the amount entered. Change the amount of VAT to the same amount of the invoice as shown in the example below and save and book:-

supp 03.11

Go to Reports and select VAT return for the period covering the invoice, you will see the amount of the VAT has been entered in Box 4 only as required:-

VAT 03.11

You can also run your VAT detail report and this will show the invoice with no net figure just VAT and total:-

VAT a03.11

You can also check out our Help section on this subject which has a a short video taking your through the process.

If you are processing VAT only invoices you may find the Help section on how to process an EU acquisition invoice helpful as this shows you how the VAT element should be calculated and reflected in your VAT return.

You can always contact our support team at or call us on 08456 800 473 should you have any questions.