How to raise and book an invoice

When working with your agreement raising and booking an invoice is a “piece of cake”. One you’ve created your products and your customers, you can raise and book your invoice quite easily.

With the agreement you’re invoice layout is all ready for use and when your invoice is ready to be booked, you just go ahead and book it.

Whether your customer would like to receive the invoice by email or by regular mail – is no problem – you can easily set up the customer information and email or send the invoice by regular post.

See the details

Having booked the invoice, you can go to the “Sales” tab, click on the “Customer list” menu option, and here easily get an overview over the balance and the invoices due.

If you wish to see more details, you can click on the Customer ledger card and find all the detail information for the individual invoices.

Resend an invoice

Sometimes you have to resend an invoice to a customer and this can be done from the menu option “Outbox”.

In the Outbox you can see which invoices you have sent. You can also see on which date and on which time of the day the invoice has been sent. Just find the invoice in question and click on the icon “resend” to have it sent to your customer once again.

You can read more about how to book an invoice, how to resend an invoice and much more in our E-copedia.

Have a nice weekend.