How to work with your clients as an administrator

As an administrator you are equipped with your own administrator agreement no. With this number, your clients can give you access to their agreement, so when you log on to your agreement, you can find a list of all your clients under the “Companies” tab.

In order to work with the individual clients, you simply click on the “Administer” icon, and you are then led directly into the agreement you have chosen to administer.


If you’re not sure you’re working with the right client, you can always check the company name in the top right corner of the screen.

If it’s not the correct client you have chosen, or if you wish to work with a different client, just click on the client name in the top right corner. Then click on your administrator name, which is now appearing in a new tab, and you’re back in your company register once again.

In here you can now choose to administer a different agreement.

You can read more about how to work with your clients in our e-copedia.

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