Improve your CV with some tips

The arrival of social networks in our lives has not only caused changes in our daily lives or our work, but also in the way we look for employment, the presentation of your CV and job interviews.

Currently the job search is developed in the online world through job portals, company websites, selection companies and social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Access to the world of work is developed in a new medium characterized by a simpler and more direct interaction between workers and employers. However, despite these characteristics, we must not forget the importance of the image we project on the network and the effect that it can have on future selection processes.

Therefore, we are going to offer you a series of tips to take care of the curriculum and the image online.

Tips to take care of your CV:

  • Choose well what you publish on social networks about your personal life. Remember that what enters the Internet spreads very easily and social networks are small windows that peek into your privacy.
  • Limit the use of “lies.” It sounds very tempting to include some exaggeration in our CV and in the profiles of the employment channels, but sincerity will always be your best ally. It offers the best version of your skills, abilities and experience. Avoid providing false information, which in the long term will be of little benefit to you.
  • Your image is also important. Although it is true that beauty is inside, it does not hurt to choose a profile picture suitable for your resume and LinkedIn for a good first impression. Remember that those who receive your request are responsible for human resources and department heads.
  • Stay active in professional social networks. Your resume is one of the main sources of information for recruiters, but so is your profile on social networks. Therefore, it is essential that it be a clear and updated profile and that you publish regularly.
  • Make a difference with your own website. It does not have to be a professional website, a simple blog about your hobbies or skills, it will show other aspects about you and at the same time it will make you more visible in the online world.

Once you put into practice all these tips you will enhance your possibilities and be in the focus of attention of the companies.