Learn some more about VAT

When booking invoices from your supplier or to your customer, it’s essential to know how to process the VAT in the correct way.

If you are using a default set up, the VAT codes are automatically created for you, and the various invoice templates uses the VAT default set up.

From time to time you might need to book your invoices in a different manner.

Perhaps you need to make a VAT only purchase invoice, or if you do business with customers abroad, you need to make sure that the VAT is calculated and shown correctly on your invoice by entering the right VAT zone on your customer.

You can easily make a VAT only purchase invoice in the Bookkeeping tab, and even though you chose a default set up, when you took out your agreement, you can of course create all extra VAT codes you may need.

There’s lot of things to keep in mind when dealing with VAT, and if you’re facing a “VAT challenge” then have a look in our E-copedia and see our many help articles or videos about VAT.

Have a sunny weekend 🙂