Looking for employment after 45 years

In today’s professional employment market when looking for employment after 45 years can be a challenge. It is from this age when there is a greater risk of social exclusion to be in an age range more affected by long-term unemployment.

However, there are some key points that can facilitate the search for employment in this sector of society:

Renew professionally – improve your employment chances

It could be summarized in: Do not ever stop training. Knowing the new needs of the market place, we will also know how to adapt to this new environment.

In this way, we can compliment the accumulated experience with new skills and knowledge. In addition, it is necessary to continue training in new technologies such as the management of programs in the cloud, mobile applications and integration between applications.

Technological training

Related to the above mentioned, we all know that we live in a digitized world, and, therefore, to dominate the computer field, at least have more advanced knowledge, it is essential to embrace new technology by learning new skills in order to keep up with the professional market place.

The Office package, email and Internet browsing are not enough, today fundamentally the need to know the possibilities offered by both the cloud and cloud applications in the field of the company (work files and agenda sharing, communication tools internal, online conferences, etc.) are a very necessary and almost compulsory requirement.

Social networks bring freshness

Social networks deserve a separate chapter. They are everywhere and facilitate both personal and professional relationships.

In this way, using platforms such as LinkedIn , we will not only be sharing our information, but we will also provide a dynamic and flexible professional message adapted to new technologies and we will be valued more positively.

More concise Curriculum

Taking into account age, it is very likely that at the age of 45 your CV is full of numerous and varied professional experiences more important than the degree itself.

To draw attention to these experiences and facilitate their reading by making it more simple and attractive, we must choose those most relevant experiences and arrange them chronologically, placing the most recent at the beginning.

It is possible that, throughout the professional career, there are longer periods within a company, and, therefore, it will be of great help to demonstrate the skill in this field, highlighting the functions developed and the added value you provided to the company.

In this way we will be able to focus our proposal on those aspects that most interest us with the position we eventually choose.

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