Looking for investment in your business?

When starting a business project, an essential part is the funding. For many of us the most difficult part of starting a business is the lack of funding, we have the idea, we have partners, but we lack the necessary funding to create a new business.

In this article we highlight the main ways in which you could obtain the funding that is so necessary.

Investment through private-banking financing

The most common way to obtain funding is to ask for financing from a bank, but it is possible to request it from a private investor.

It is hard but very real to start a business project with a debt. But if we have a good business plan it does not have to be a problem. If you want to get bank financing or anyone to invest in your business then you have to have a good Business Plan, which has very clear business prospects and foreseeable income and expenses.

In the end, what they want is to recover what they invest with interest, so we have to have a great capacity to convince potential investors that our vision is the right one and that success can be guaranteed.


Networking is a great way to meet potential investors and especially to attract potential partners and future customers. One of the many tips that we can give you is that you go to all the events in your sector to increase your contact base. Another means to increase your contacts is to support you on social networks such as LinkedIn, where you will have the opportunity to connect with different entrepreneurs in your sector.

Business Angel

It is the aware and current version of the traditional private investor. More committed to the collaborative economy, more involved in the business, usually interested in projects related to new business fields and new technologies. It is also important to have a good Business Plan, perhaps more focused on the project than on the financial aspect than if it were presented to a bank. There are also portals or consultancies specialized in contacting Angel Investment Network.

Get investment in your business


This is the new form of financing that accompanies the rise of new technologies, social networks and collaborative work. At this time, it is possible to access small investors that one by one do not have a large investment capacity, but added together can help us with our business project. It is possible to access this financing both through social networks and through specialised websites in crowdfunding.

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