Manage your business in the cloud

Nowadays, the management of your company in an online arena, whether you are self-employed or SME, is becoming more accessible. We are at a time when the Internet has allowed us to take care of any aspect of our business anytime, anywhere. There are no geographical limitations, as long as you have an internet connection.

However, to enjoy this freedom we need to equip ourselves with the best tools to manage our online business in the most efficient way in time and effort.

What are the advantages of these tools in the cloud?

  • Optimize the work: The use of these types of solutions increases productivity and efficiency since they allow us to better organize the work we do and therefore dedicate more resources to more important objectives.
  • Faster communication: Face-to-face meetings will not be necessary, reducing travel time but still having direct contact with the team.
  • Free trial: Normally all the tools in the cloud offer us the possibility of working with some of their functions for free and thus decide if they are useful before making any financial commitment.

We propose a series of tools that meet all these characteristics, perfect to manage and control your business and also maintain communication and coordination with your team.

Google apps

It is a set of Google applications that you can use for different environments. Among them we have:

  • The email Gmail
  • Google Drive – cloud computing tool for cloud data storage up to 15GB free.
  • The calendar – tool with which you can send invitations and meetings that can also be integrated with other applications such as Google Meet to hold meetings in real time.
  • Of course not forgetting to mention the applications that Google has for the creation of spreadsheets, presentations or word processor type Microsoft Word.

All in streaming or real time and cloud, with the advantages that this gives: no loss of information, in addition to being able to share it in real time with your work environment and without your own servers.


google apps tools



One way to manage your time when organizing online meetings with your customers and colleagues is to use an application that allows you to manage them efficiently. It’s a fully cloud application that will allow you to organize integrations with different applications, both with your Google calendar and with other applications where you can quickly share the invitation link in a very simple way. You can define your availability schedule, description of the meeting and link to the meeting, for example, Google Meet for your online meetings.

Calendly is the perfect tool, don’t miss any online meetings with any potential clients or with any member of the team and always be coordinated.

Calendar optimize time



This is a communication system for work teams. Through chats, you can communicate with the members of your team both individually, and with the creation of channels with several members to deal with certain topics or projects.

An open and transparent means of conversation is created with all the members of your team whether you are all in the office or working remotely.

There is the possibility of creating private channels to comment on certain topics, which can only be accessed if the creator invites you.

Join forces with your work team



Is a program of accounting and billing in the cloud, perfect for SMEs and freelancers, allowing access from anywhere.

With the TeamSystem cloud software, you improve the quality of work in your company and get the relationship with your advisor and/or accountant faster and more efficient, since being able to work in a collaborative environment allows you to have a direct connection between advisor and client. Reviso, with a simple and intuitive interface, is always available, from any device and with multiple users, even simultaneously.

We offer a free trial without commitment, during which you can contact a member of the support team and join an online presentation, by joining a free online presentation you can see the functions of the program highlighting the benefits for you and your company.  What are you waiting for?


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