Management and billing program for companies

Management and billing program for companies

When running a small business in an orderly and efficient way, it is necessary to count not only on the help of a professional accountant but also with the appropriate business management tools.

Bearing in mind that as the owner of the company you need to be both commercially minded and keep an handle on on all of the administration. This is why it is important that we have the ability to quickly and easily manage and organize a task such as issuing budgets, orders and invoices to customers.

There are still companies that prepare their budgets and invoices on paper, even the use of Excel sheets can prove to be inadequate at the time when we have a minimum volume of business.

It is essential that, whether integrated into an accounting program or independently, we have a computer tool that allows us to design, prepare and issue these documents. In short, a Management and billing program for companies.

When selecting this tool, what do we have to take into account? A good billing program must contain the following characteristics:

• The data entry should be simple . Both the creation of customers and the services or sales products. Preferably, this data must be accessible from a database previously entered into the program or imported from an external source. Most programs usually have the option to import the databases through files in Excel.

• We must automatically calculate the indirect taxes related to the operation. In addition, the choice of different particular regimes of indirect taxation or different tax rates should be simple and accessible to the non-professional user.

• It must allow the conversion of budgets to orders and invoices, collecting all the flow in the billing cycle.

• You must have a simple system for importing and exporting data.

• Must allow to duplicate invoices, budgets, etc. from others already made to streamline processes.

• You must have billing features in batches or recurrently.

The speed with which the web environment and innovation have influenced the management of the company, make these characteristics considered as “traditional”.

Planning and organisation of your day
Planning and organisation

Today, with the rise of cloud-based technologies, efficient billing software must also have:

• Possibility of access from any place and device with an Internet connection, to enable a geographical flexibility when managing the billing of the company. Nowadays this requirement is indispensable since more and more startups have an integral management in the cloud for their businesses.

• Possibility of integration with other business management software hosted in the cloud, such as CRMs, virtual POS terminals, accounting software, etc.

• Independently allowing online access, you should have mobile applications that allow the agile management of creation and sending budgets and invoices, consultation of clients, consultation of pending invoices, etc., for both Android and iOS.

Current programs and completely in cloud like Reviso , have powerful billing modules, in addition to having apps for Android and iOS, from which you can perform these tasks, while they are recorded in the accounting of the company in real time.

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