Management roles within a Company

Management roles within a Company

The term ” company “, commonly, identifies an organization established by persons and economic assets directed by an entrepreneur in the exercise of a company with the objective of producing or exchanging goods and / or services.

The organization of a company can be more or less complex depending on the number of people or economic assets that concur to obtain the defined objectives. Therefore, a company can be created by one or two people or by several tens or hundreds of people who work together to achieve the established objective.

The people and workforce that make up the company, which play a specific role and function, supervise the processes and measure the results obtained at the end of them, determining if the objective has been achieved to a greater or lesser extent.

The keywords that all companies have in common are:
  • Role that each person has within the company.
  • Collaboration between the different subjects of the company, and also external to the company, who work to achieve the objectives.
  • Measurement of the results and conclusions of the company’s processes.

Whether it’s a small or a large company, they all need to:

  • Collaborate in the best possible way.
  • Direct the processes of the company in a simple way.
  • Measure the results efficiently and in a short time.

Fortunately, thanks to the technological evolution, today, companies have at their disposal numerous instruments that greatly facilitate collaboration. We can think, for example, of the chat systems or files shared between different devices or others that help direct processes and measure the results, such as ERP or other Business Intelligence systems.

Reviso is one of these instruments that helps people in a company achieve their business goals. The accounting and billing platform Reviso:
  • It is natively cloud . It offers the possibility for all the people involved to share the information of the company accessing with the device they prefer (PC, tablet, smartphone);
  • It is oriented to collaboration . There is no limit to the number of people who can access company information in order to work together and collaborate in a more profitable way for the company.
  • It allows a clear definition of the roles . The administrator, sales dept, purchasing manager, the accountant, the collaborator or the advisor. All roles can be managed on the platform, defining their functions within the company to monitor each part of the business that corresponds to them in an efficient manner.
  • Open to integrations with other computer systems to simplify and expedite the exchange of information.