Multi-currency – standard feature in Reviso

A software’s ability to handle multiple currencies can be the deciding factor when choosing your online accounting system. With ever changing markets brought on by living in a world where most companies irrespective of size do business in more than one currency.

The ability to choose your base or local currency could also be a criteria as not all companies or subsidiaries residing in the UK require GBP as their base and may stipulate Euro or USD for accounting and reporting, this being a unique standard feature within all of our subscriptions.

Having an online accounting system that allows you to change your local or base currency has distinct advantages and with Reviso this is a standard feature within all of our subscriptions along with the ability to raise and receive invoices in different currencies, so, no matter what size your business is,  you can benefit from having multi currency functionality that is only offered in ‘premium’ subscriptions elsewhere – why pay more?