Need to create a remittance ?

Before you can create a remittance advice you need to check you have a few areas covered. Firstly that you have the remittance advice layout in your agreement. If you have you will see this listed within Sales > Design & Layout > Setup > You will then see it listed in the template collection:-

remit 19.11

If you don’t have it listed you can bring it into your agreement by clicking on Other options and select Standard template collections click on Copy it will then appear in your list:-

remit 2 19.11

Then make sure your supplier has been linked to the remittance advice template, if not select from the layout dropdown, you can also add your suppliers email address as these can be emailed out direct from within your e-conomic agreement:-

remit 3 19.11

Go to Accounting > Searches & Lists > Remittances > enter the date of your payment run, if you need to capture all supplier payments leave from and to supplier boxes blank click ok :-

remit4 19.11

Your remittance will appear in the list, you can click on the icon and view before emailing, when ready you can either print or email out:-

remit 5 19.11
Go to our Help to find out more about remittances and watch a short video which walks you through the steps.