New measures in the fight against COVID-19. Furloughed workers

During this alarming situation due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we are having a barrage of regulations as new measures appear to regulate the fight against the pandemic.

The last measure of economic repercussion that we have found during the past weekend, is the closure of the so-called “non-essential companies” to further reduce the mobility, especially in public transport, with the aim of reducing infections. And along with this measure, a new concept, that of the “furlough scheme” by which thousands of employees will now be reliant on this.

What sectors does this closure of activity affect?

The truth is that there are many companies that will and have been affected by this measure. All retail stores, sports activities, leisure activities, etc., are already closed with the exception of supermarkets, essential food stores and pharmacies. These are the so-called “essential activities” and will remain open .

These encompass the entire health and food sector, as well as companies related to its manufacturing, transportation and logistics distribution; those related to telecommunications, insurance, tax advice and banking; security forces; water, electricity, gas and other supplies; all those manufacturing activities that have redirected their activity to any issue related to the fight against the pandemic; cleaning and security services related to the above; internet commerce …

In short, and taking into account the structure of the UK’s manufacturing fabric, this measure mainly affects construction, and industrial production (automotive, aeronautics and the like).

Furloughed workers – What does this mean?

If the company you work for are unable to operate or have no work for you and you are not able to fulfil your work commitments at home due to COVID-19 this is know as being on furlough.

To furlough basically means to suspend temporarily while still technically retaining your job. To find out more about this complex arrangement you can check out the guidelines here Government guidance