Open API for developers

In the World Wide Web, you hear more and more often that companies offer an open API for developers. But what is an API anyway?

API stands for ” pplications rogramming nterface” and as the name suggests, it is an “application programming interface”. An API interface is used for the exchange and further processing of content and data. This allows various software and hardware components to connect, such as applications, hard disks and (graphical) user interfaces of websites and programs.

Through an open interface, many programs can connect to a platform by dynamically integrating the provided data of the platform into other programs. This works through a clearly structured access to functions of the backend. External programs and websites can access exactly the data that is useful to them and process it as desired.

Open API of Reviso

The cloud accounting software Reviso also has an open API for developers. Apply for the free API at Developer webpage. If you as a developer want to connect your system, register and you will receive an API key, an authentication key. This key is used to allow only registered systems to access the open API.

Through our API you will be able to directly connect and integrate your IT system, your CRM program or your online shop with your accounting department at Reviso.If you have any questions, contact our developers directly at

Feel free to visit our App Store. Here you will find interfaces to other programs.


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