Planning and order in your work

Be more efficient in your work

Whether you’re self-employed, run an SME or form part of the management team of any company, it’s important to plan and organize the different daily activities.

When, in addition to financial year end, tax calculations and payments, it is even more important to meet deadlines and have everything ready for sending data to the appropriate official body.

In the definition of planning we can find terms such as: meeting objectives, achieving goals in a specific time or following certain guidelines for actions within a specific period.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips that can help you efficiently plan your day to day.

Recommendations to organize your work

Prioritize the most important tasks
Define the 2 or 3 most important tasks of each day and try to fulfil them. You will not be overwhelmed by a long list of tasks to do and you can focus on what is important. For better organization, you could do your planning on a weekly basis, choosing a day in which to carry out that planning.

Schedule your activities
Use an agenda in which you can set the time you will spend on each activity and complete it. We are easily distracted with other tasks, calls or emails, it’s important to fulfil the agenda and dedicate the scheduled time, otherwise we will never finish any activity.

Create a list of pending tasks
Although they are not the most important tasks, you can use the list when you have some free time and you will be moving forward with other projects.

End the day with a review
Take a few minutes to think about the tasks completed during the day and organize the agenda for the next day, so you can focus directly on your goals when you start the next day.

Do not postpone tasks
Sometimes it is easy to postpone those more tedious or boring tasks, but it is not recommended. In the end, the tasks will accumulate and you will be more stressed because you didn’t achieve them on time.

Advantages of being organized in the workplace:

More free time
If you learn to organize and plan all of your tasks you will have more free time since you will not waste time on insignificant things that, moreover, do not generate value. An advantage of this is that you will be able to enjoy more time without thinking so much about the things you have to do.

Greater control and confidence
You will feel that you have everything under control and little by little this will help you to gain confidence.

Less stress
When you have planned your day or week, the uncertainty is reduced or even disappears, so that your stress level and concern decreases.

You will project a better image
It’s true to say that an organized person perceives himself as a better professional and transmits greater security and confidence in the workplace.

Increase creativity and concentration
When you have an organized agenda, with the assigned work times, it is easier to concentrate on the tasks you are doing, making time exclusive to dedicate to a specific activity and being able to develop our creativity.

Another factor to consider is the use of tools or programs that can help you in the management of your company, whether in accounting, billing or project management, among others. Modern, technological and current solutions that help us to be more efficient with task automation.

We hope you find this article interesting and can help you to continue improving both your professional and personal life. 🙂