Reactivating tourism thanks to the Covid passport

Due to the crisis over the Covid global pandemic, one of the most affected sectors around the world is tourism in general: air travel, train travel, hotel stays and hospitality, among others.

Covid Passport

In order to revive this battered sector, the European Commission has pushed forward the proposal for a so-called “Covid passport” to boost travel within the European Union. The passport will not be ready until the summer, when this sector needs more than ever an economic push.

Free, non-discriminatory and bilingual

It is a certificate in digital or paper format that someone can prove with either that they are vaccinated from Covid-19, that they already have antibodies or that they have just passed a negative PCR.

This passport will be issued free of charge to anyone who wishes to travel and who needs to prove that they are not a carrier of the virus.

The document will be written in both the traveler’s native language and English, so that it can be understood in all countries of the European Union.

One of the great advantages of this certificate is that travellers will not have to quarantine in the destination country, as had been happening until now.

They will be able to move freely as a tourist from day one, closer to the much-desired normality.

Incentive to the most touristic countries

The governments of Greece or Spain had already expressed their desire for the creating of this type of document that would allow them to save the summer season.

In countries as touristic as those in southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, among others, this certificate is a lifeline to try to replenish the huge losses caused in the past few seasons since the pandemic began.

Pending the approval of all EU member states and the European Parliament, this may be a first step in all the economic crisis.