Reflections on digitization

Reflections on digitization

Digit, according to the first meaning, is relative to the fingers. The second definition refers to the digit numbers. Interesting dichotomy. The fingers, the pure expression of touching and physical contact versus digit numbers, the minimum expression of programming languages.

We are in the digital revolution , the digital era, the digital signature, digital printing, digitalization of companies, digital media, the digital thermometer … Everything is digital and it’s here to stay and enhance our working and social life.

Well, this dichotomy occurs in everything. Digital friends we text via our mobile phone, sending digital loved ones emoticons with kisses and digital clients are the ones we communicate with without the need for paper documents working towards the paperless office. All this, taking into account that, in this digital world, everything is becoming virtual and the need to embrace is becoming a prerequisite to moving your business forward.

Digital advice?

In this digital world where we run away from customers with bags of receipts, in which everything cool is in the cloud and where we dream of working from the beach, we still have nightmares related to server breakage, which leads to find a middle point.

Reviso Ambassador is a network of consultants throughout the UK who specialise in advising companies in a multitude of sectors that, using digital media, project a much more humane way of working. Reviso is a totally secure tool, in the cloud eradicating the issues of information loss.

As the advisors and ambassadors of Reviso we use one of the best European tools of accounting, taxation and billing and, at the same time, we give support to all those entrepreneurs who want to control their accounts, their taxes and their invoicing with the support of expert professionals.


Examples of real experiences

A business owner with basic knowledge of accounting and taxation who needs an advisor/accountant to close accounts, consult, schedule investments etc.

With Reviso you have the tool that allows you to share your accounting with your advisor/accountant through scanned invoices, predefined templates and automatic reconciliation, all with integrated billing.

The employer who wants to be involved in the management of his business while the advisor/accountant can oversee the data and add value to more specific parts of the business. This translates into savings in costs, times and improvement in specialization.

What we propose is a human relationship based on the professionalism of the technical knowledge of the advisor/accountant, together with a document management tool for all the roles. Although, in reality, the important thing is not the roles, but the entrepreneur – adviser relationship through an intuitive and very easy to use collaboration tool.