Reviso - the ecological way forward

Reviso - the ecological way forward

New times bring us new ways of working and we have a moral obligation to take advantage of innovation to improve our social environment along with our physical environment.

With the tools that are on the market today, paper mountains, endless photocopying, files stuffed with invoices and, visits to our accountant are becoming a thing of the past.

Reviso is not just an invoicing, accounting and taxation tool, but rather a working philosophy. A collaborative tool between business owner and accountant and Reviso as an ecological tool by nature.

Working in a cloud environment alone makes the paper lose prominence, as well as the displacement to transport that paper. Working with Reviso is to work in an environment without displacements and in a purely paperless environment, not only by technical means, but by the work philosophy itself.

How to transform your business to a paperless environment with Reviso?

The document manager within Reviso is supported by an email address to which suppliers or the client themselves can send invoices, receipts or documents. From within the document manager they can be processed and linked to an entry simultaneously or linked to an already created entry. This way of processing is increasingly becoming the way to go – your accountant has easily access not only all your entries but the supporting documents making checking far easier and most importantly quicker.


There’s already many clients that have their suppliers email their invoices directly to the document manager of their company in the Reviso tool . The invoice never actually gets printed, once you have the the email address of the document manager the invoice can automatically be managed in a paper free environment.

This same system can be applied when you’re invoicing your clients, sending out quotations, purchase orders. With a few clicks the invoice is issued, emailed and sent, you even have the ability to check when it was delivered by checking the status of everything that has been emailed out of the system.

Working in an environment of economic cost savings and environmental costs is to live today’s reality. We do not talk about tomorrow or the future, we talk about the real obligation we have to avoid paper in its emission, archive, treatment, conservation and destruction. In  paper philosophy, paper loses all its role. Now the leading role is held by people to make a difference in business and especially within their business relationships.

With Reviso the data itself is secure, localised, accessible and also in a very intuitive, logical, comfortable and agile way. The environment is totally intuitive and the search is extraordinarily easy. It’s time to CHECK our way of working.