Selling isn’t just about the product – It’s all about the customer experience

There’s a lot to consider and put in place when starting a new business, once you have the idea whether that’s a service or a product you can then progress to the vital selling tool and customer experience of a website.

Websites can be created quite easily from scratch with little knowledge and there are plenty of tools available to do this so depending on how much time you have you can set one up yourself or you can use the services of a website builder who can provide a tailor- made one for your business.

Before you start you will need two areas in place. A Domain name and web hosting.

Domain name – this is the name of your website, which can incorporate the name of your business which you will need to make sure in unique and registered.

Web Hosting – this is the service that connects your site to the internet.

It’s all about the customer experience

Once you have your website up and running it’s very important that you stand out from your competition, not only from the product or service you are selling but how you sell it.

Making sure the customer experience is clear, the order process flows, easy to use, comprehensive and gives the customer all the relevant details, information and status of their order from start to finish.

Mobile apps

Everything today is all about being mobile, so an important area to consider is a mobile app. This will give your customers the ability to order on their smartphones which is an ever increasing segment of todays shopping experience.

Customer reviews

It’s very important in any business to obtain customer reviews, these are an essential marketing tool and allow your customers to give you direct feedback from the order process right through to your product/service provided.

Questionnaires can be added to your website or mobile app requesting your customers rate your service/product along with the ability to add comments.

This can only help you to understand your customer requirements and any shortfalls in your own customer service. It’s not surprising to learn that customers will sometimes pay more for the same product when the customer experience is so much better!

Getting it right

By getting it right the first time you will retain your customer base and build on this. Retaining customers is paramount and one of the main reasons for what is termed as ‘customer churn’ is the service they get so making sure not only what you sell is great your customer service and customer experience has to be great as well!