Some Small Print!

  • Our blog is a corporate one covering our online accounting system Reviso.
  • We tend to jot things down as they occur (if we don’t we forget!) so forgive our informal style. We also actively participate in debates on other websites and blogs.
  • As you’ve probably gathered – we love to talk and get your feedback, everyone is  welcome to participate and to leave comments.
  • We are humans and we do make mistakes, we try to correct them as soon as we can, but please if you spot something we’ve missed – just yell!
  • We like to think we respond to comments with the speed of light but all systems sometimes get backlogged and we’re no different so please don’t feel neglected if we can’t get back to you as soon as we should have done. However, never despair because  direct support queries can (and indeed should be) forwarded to, or grab a phone and call our hotline 08456-800-473. Naturally our support service is free of charge.
  • We do reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments and spam from the blog.
  • Please note that only information on, or sent by us via e-mail is legally binding.
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